When the Snow Flies...

Ivy Cottage in progress, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

When the snow flies and winter seems endless, caught forever in the grip of the White Witch, I find myself dreaming of cottages and gardens. When the thought of shoveling more snow or dreading trips outside on the icy walks, I retreat indoors. It's a perfect time for dreaming and so I dig out my sketch books and work out my thoughts and dreams of perfect tiny little cottages set amid lush gardens.

While most of the cottage designs get started in a notebook on graph paper, over the years I have been transferring the designs to a little sketchbook where the ideas are rendered in watercolor and ink.

Thoreau Cottage elevations
The first one I added was based on Thoreau's cabin. In 2002 I had the opportunity to travel with a friend to Concord, MA and visit the site of the original. I imagined what the cabin would look like if I were to stay there and all the things that I would want to have with me. In this elevation, you can see the fireplace wall, where cooking would occur over an open fire. You can also see one of the side walls where the table and kitchen hutch would be.

Thoreau Cottage Kitchen
Here I imagined out the simple but basic kitchen supplies I would need, including of course, the teapot and a pretty cosie!

Thoreau Cottage Pantry
Even the pantry contents were considered, all basic, but well rounded enough to supply a balanced and moderately varied diet.

Throreau Cottage Dinnerware
Though it is a simple cabin with few extras, a few lovely touches such as a linen cloth with lace trim for the table and pretty dishes make it a delightful place!

Ivy Cottage Title
Ivy Cottage is a later design, inspired by a garden shed I saw in a magazine. I wondered if it would be possible to create a livable cottage out it. At only 187 square feet, I think it would do for one person or as a sweet guest cottage.

Ivy Cottage
When I designed this in 1998, I created a watercolor of it. A black and white photocopy of it hung on the bulletin board over my drafting table at work in those days. I had been working on creating a companion piece to it at the time of our housefire and the original watercolor was lost. Using the B&W photo copy, I have now replicated it in my little idea book!

Encrusted DYB WIP ~ Ritva
I've been doing a little stitching as well and am making progress on Ritva's Encrusted block. I've used a dragonfly charm from Goblin's Market and have been using some lovely silk ribbon hand-dyed by Pat Winter!


ee.spenner said…
You never cease to amaze me with your creative endeavors! I hope you get your little cottage someday, complete with a yard full of Ivory Blush Roses. Thank you for creating such beatuiful things for the rest of us to drool over! (I especially love the hussif you made several months ago...I was inspired and started to create one of my own. It's as-yet unfinished in the bottom of my workbasket.) That dragonfly charm is lovely, and I love how you placed it with the different fabrics. It looks perfect. Thanks again!
Val said…
Lisa: I love your little simple dream home .. one day. It's great to see some more of your watercolours too - such talent!
Adrienne said…
You are so talented! I love your stitching but I really love your sketches! I could feel right at home in your sweet little cottages with all the darling little things in the kitchen. ~Adrienne~
Annie said…
What a treat for me this evening...7 unread posts! Somehow, my computer stopped bringing up the new ones, but tonight I had the good sense to click on your header, and that, of course, brought up the ones I've missed. I am sorry about your fall and glad you are on the mend. Your crazy quilting is inspirational, and now your watercolors make me want to try that, too. Thank you for sharing your work.
Susan Elliott said…
Oh LISA!!! I can feel your love for cottages and all of the everyday surroundings that bring joy and happiness to a simple, stitching life. You have SUCH talent! Your illustrations are as wonderful as your stitching...I like the "Richard Scarry busy town" type approach -- with all of the different items laid out and identified. You are one incredibly COOL woman! I say again, I wish your Ivory Blush self lived nearby...*Sigh
Anonymous said…
I know I commented right away on this wonderful cottage and all its contents but my comment is not here so I want to be sure my reservation is in as the first guest:) This is wonderful, I look at it every day and see new things.
katiejayinpa said…
love everything on this block, including that dragonfly charm...and i am not much of a charm person. The leaves are terrific!

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