Things that don't go together...

What a week I have had! I've learned two things that don't go together this week.
1) Ice and me. I slipped on the ice Tuesday morning coming home from work, knocked myself out for several minutes, split the back of my head open and spent a very confused half hour. Thankfully one of my neighbors took me to the ED and my sister brought me home. Now the back of my head sports 5 shiny staples. I've been a bit shakey and have had a few aches and pains from the fall, but those are starting to subside and I'm feeling a bit better today!

2) Cocoa and computers. This morning, in my shakiness, I managed to spill half a mug of hot cocoa on the keyboard of my laptop computer, which promptly fried the motherboard. I'm hoping that my son Stephen, who is a whiz with computers will be able to save the bit of data from the hard drive that I need when he comes to visit next month. Thankfully, I usually save most of my stuff to an external hard drive! I have a little netbook that I use for traveling, for which I'm very thankful at the moment as it is keeping me from going into computer withdrawal!

In the meantime, I've been puttering along with my bead journal projects for January and February. A glimpse of February's is seen above! More to come in the next few days!

I've been enjoying the basket of iris which have now turned into a basket of crocus! I can't believe how many blooms this little basket has held! What a lovely bright spot they have been this month! And today, I heard the most beautiful bird song I've heard in months and looked outside to see a pair of western bluebirds! Oh, how they lifted my spirits!


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