Working on Round Robins

Bonnie's block, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
I've been stitching like mad, trying to finish up some round robins so that I can work on my own projects! This is Bonnie's block. It is one of six 6" blocks. Each person in the round robin embellishes one entire block. The soft neutral colors she chose are soothing to work on!

Bonnie's block - detail
Bonnie asked for the embroidery, beading and buttons to be done in neutral colors. I added some small mother of pearl button flowers and a spider web rose in shades of taupe and cream.

Meg's Block
Meg is making a clutch purse out of her block. I am the last to work on it. There was just one seam left open and as it will mostly be under the flap, I didn't want to add too much bulk to it.

Meg's Block - detail
A bit of blue rick rack couched down with some lovely hand-dyed embroidery thread carries through the colors everyone else has used on the block. With a bit of space left, I added a seam treatment of varigated pearl cotton with blue fargo roses and SRE leaves. Can't wait to see what this purse looks like once Meg finishes it!


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