Bead project, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

It has been a sad week in our family with the passing of my Aunt Jean. As a result, I haven't accomplished much but rather have just been working on snippets of things.

One small project has been the bit of beading above. It's an experiment, simply to see what I could do with beading. I marked out a 4" square on a piece of linen and just started stitching. It didn't seem very big when I started, but seems bigger now that I've been stitching on it daily for the last several days! I had no plan in mind, just wanting to build a collage of sorts in shades of white and cream. One thing I've learned ~ clear beads don't show up very well on a white background! I'm liking the combination of embroidery stitching with the beads and sequins for the texture it adds.

A while back, I signed up to swap some crazy quilted Altoid Tins. We received our partners names a while back and were able to look at a list of their preferences for colors and types of embellishments they like. This week I've finished the tops for each tin.

Fan top

Purple and Green top

Cream and Gold

Now I have to attach the tops to each tin and finish decorating them before sending them out at the end of the month.


Anonymous said…
They are beautiful. How do you attach them to the tin ? Thank you !

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