Preparing CQ Blocks

4 blocks, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.
I'm signed up in several round robins at the moment and have been preparing blocks to send out. One of them is an "Under the Sea" themed "Do Your Block" aka DYB in which we make 6 blocks about 6" square and each person in the round robin gets to complete one whole block. Since they are small, they aren't so overwhelming! I've been thinking about doing another sea themed project for a while and after seeing Pat Winter's, "Mermaid's Tale" book on her blog and in the recent issue of Sew Sommerset, I knew I wanted to do a book too. I chose a scallop shell shape about 6" acorss and have used fabric to make the "scallops". While I'll send 6 of the pages out for the round robin, I hope to do both the front and back covers myself so will be making a total of 10 blocks for this! I think it's off to a good start!

1st 4 blocks
The other DYB round robin I'm in is an "Anything Goes" theme, meaning I can choose what I want. For this, I used some of the Flower Fairy "silkies" from Evening Star Designs that I ordered and used some of those lucious silk duiponi pieces to surround them. They look a little formal and square at the moment, but the embellishment should make them softer and more relaxed!


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