Lovely Finds

Lovely Finds, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

Yesterday, I made a trip to Phoenix with my sister. She had meetings most of the day, but I got to go shopping! I had three goals for the day. To go antiquing, shop for tea at AJ's Fine Foods and going to the stamping store, Creative Quest. We accomplished all three and I even managed to fit in a visit to Hobby Lobby and Borders.

I went antiquing with a planned search for white ironstone (next to impossible to find in Arizona), buttons, vintage milinary flowers (on hats or not) and old linen. The only ironstone I found was more modern than I like and there wasn't much. The only buttons I saw were brown and not so pretty ~ I was thinking more in the line of mother of pearl, which I didn't find. The milinary flowers I found were on hats that were WAY out of my price range and not in colors I was really fond of. But in the linen department, I scored! I found this gorgeous creamy 100% Irish Linen table cloth and napkins with the original lable still on! The only hitch is that they still need hemmed! Not a problem! Don't you just love this ornate lable?

linen lable

I also found this sweet rose covered cachepot. Missing a lid, I think it will be perfect for holding pencils and colored markers on my worktable!


The colors of this old embroidery floss just sang to me. I'm envisioning bouquets of french knot flowers on a garden themed crazy quilt square! Not shown, I also found a lovely stash of silk ribbon for embroidery in colors I didn't have!

Embroidery Thread

A huge bag of ribbon roses and white pearls was mine for a song! I see flower bedecked dotee dolls in my future!

Ribbon Roses and Pearls

Tea shopping wasn't quite as successful as hoped. I really wanted to stock up on Scottish Breakfast Tea as I'm nearly out. Sadly, they were out of it, but I did manage to find some Rose Petal tea (my 2nd favorite) and some Assam Breakfast tea. I love these hearty strong teas! Skim milk and sugar in mine please!


At Creative Quest, I picked up some Twinkling H2O's that I've been wanting to try. What a splurge! Little bitty containers for lots of money! Can't wait to take them for a spin!

My sister signed us up for a 10,000 steps program. Today is the first day I've worn the pedometer. I'm just going to see what my average steps are on a day I'm not working and focusing more on crafting. I'm afraid I'm going to fall far short of 10,000 steps! Rather fun to see how many steps the ordinary tasks take though. So far, fixing my tea is only 20 steps. Cleaning the cat box is 200. Crafting ~ well, it hasn't clicked since I've been sitting here! So far it appears that it's the unpleasant chores that require the most movement and the things I find enjoyable don't take many! No wonder I have such a hard time getting enough exercise to lose weight!


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