Corners of My Home

Spring display, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

The snow has finally melted here, though it does linger on the north side of some buildings. The hillside above my apartment has a hint of green and around town the forsythia are in bloom. Mornings are still quite chilly and well below the freezing mark, but a pot of hardy pansies on the patio is growing and blooming. Inside, the Easter decorations have been put away and the decor has been edited to a light springy mix of things. The flower garland I made before Valentine's continues to play a lovely role over the old mirror. A pair of brass candlesticks with lovely patina and a pair of sweet Bunnies decorate the top of the china cabinet.

I've been clearing various surfaces around the apartment of the bits of clutter that seem to accumulate with time. In doing so, I realized that there are various corners of my apartment that give me joy and so I thought I'd share a few of them with you.

Washbasin Oil lamp

In the bedroom, the decor is serene and simple. I like matching some of the decor here to the 1870's bedroom set. On the wash stand is a lovely and simple white ironstone wash basin and pitcher. On the dresser, an old glass oil lamp, turned ever so slightly lavender by the sun over the years.

aqua glass

In the bathroom, every thing is cream except for the old aqua glass bottles and hand towels. There is something about cream and aqua together that I just love. Such a clean looking, friendly and peaceful combination.


In the living room, I have two of these white berried wreaths. I love the slightest tint of green on them. So simple. I keep them up all year round.

Chair in the sun

In the winter and spring, I crave sunlight and often sit here in this chair with this lovely silk ribbon embroidered cushion to soak up the late afternoon rays.

I've been participating in an art journaling group. One of our recent exercises was to journal about "the little things in life that make life worth living." You know the kind of things ~ the little ones that we pay so little attention to, but if we didn't have them, we'd really miss them. Here are a few of the treasures of my life.

* A good mug of tea with skim milk and sugar (Scottish Breakfast is my favorite!)
* Kitties purring in my lap.
* Curling up with a good book (my 'somewhat' guilty pleasure is reading Scottish historical romances!)
* Creating things, whether by painting, sketching, cutting, pasting, sewing, spinning, knitting, etc.
* Day dreaming! I tend to daydream with a pencil in hand so I can sketch ideas, makes lists of things, or simply jot down ideas or words that inspire me.


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