My apartment is in dire need of a good cleaning. Between the boxes of stuff that I am attempting to downsize and the remnants of yesterday's grocery shopping and the normal accumulation of stuff that daily life brings, things are looking chaotic. It gets to be overwhelming for me and that is when I need a good list to keep me on track. Especially since I need to accomplish a lot in the 8 hours before I go to work tonight.

* Wash sheets, make bed with added quilt
* put away suitcase from Thanksgiving weekend trip
* Vacumn
* Dust surfaces, put away clutter (translation: shelve the stacks of books and magazines I read before going to bed)
* Get rid of extra boxes from downsizing and moving.

Living Room
* Pick up clutter
* Wash living room window and sliding door
* Clear off surfaces in preparation for Christmas decorating
* Remove boxes from entry area (back to storage locker for the holiday?)
* Vacumn floor
* Dust

* Put remainder of groceries away
* Wipe down inside of refrigerator, counters, and stove with light bleach solution.
* Mop floor
* Clean sink

Bathrooms (2)
* Wash all towels, washcloths and rugs
* Put away accumulated clutter, discard old makeup/toothbrushes
* Clean fixtures, countertops and mirrors
* Mop floors

* Reshelve books
* Clean desk, wash table cover
* Wash window
* Organize closet
* Vacumn
* Dust

This list is more than I can get done in one day, but it will carry over the next few days. I'm looking forward to a nice clean home once again!


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