A new blog!

Having a new blog is a bit like moving into a new home ~ so many decisions to make! What will I write about? What colors and fonts should I choose? How often will I post?

I’ve kept blogs to keep family and friends up-to-date and blogs to showcase my artwork. (See the sidebar links) This blog will have a greater focus on creating and keeping home, whether that is in decorating, downsizing and simplifying, losing weight, crafting, cooking, maintaining and growing my faith or getting out of debt. I hope to post about what inspires me and comment on what discourages me.

Here are some of the goals that I am working towards.
· My living space since 2000 has been of a Shabby Chic genre. While I do like that style, I’m looking for something less fussy, more serene. I still like the white, the rustic, but now I want to shift the focus to a more natural look. Natural linen, warm and dark woods, with lots of white, lots of light.

· Confession: I am a packrat. I am a collector even when I don’t mean to be. Hence, my home is filled with clutter (and so is my LARGE 10’x30’ storage locker). I aim to downsize so that all my possessions fit within my two-bedroom apartment. I want to live in an almost “spare” environment.

· My debt load has gotten such that though I make a good salary, I’m living on the edge. I want to be debt free by December 2008.

· I want to spend more time doing the things I love. Painting in oils and watercolors. Spinning and Knitting. Sewing and crafting things for the home (and family members and friends too). Cooking good meals, baking bread, making food from scratch and eating healthy.

· Confession: I am FAT! No lie ~ I really am. A whole 247 lbs as of this morning. I’ve lost 25 lbs since October 2006. I actually lost more, but have gained some back. Short term goal ~ to weigh less than 220lbs. Long term goal ~ to weigh between 140 and 160lbs.

· Faith has been a big part of my life. I want my faith remain active, to grow.

In this journey, I pledge:
~ To use what I have. (and I have a lot of stuff!)
~ To make what I need as far as I am able or buy handmade.
~ To buy natural products of renewable resources and to eschew synthetics and plastics within reason.
~ To walk gently on the earth
~ To re-use, re-new, re-cycle.
~ To budget
~ To eat healthy and get daily exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.


Anonymous said…
I very much enjoyed visiting your site today. Your goals and ideas are inspiring and I wish you much success. Thanks for taking the time to create this peaceful, lovely site.

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