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Slow Stitching

I've been stitching on a few things that I'm not filming for the YouTube channel.  One is a boro or kantha stitched purse.  Slow stitching like this is lovely and meditative and I let it guide me as I go.  I'm especially happy with those green leaves on linen!  

Slow Stitching

I've also been playing around with making some tiny wonky log cabin blocks.  They are great for using up narrow scraps of fabric that might otherwise go unused! 

Spun Cotton Critters

Learning to make tiny spun cotton critters and strawberries has been so much fun!  I've loved little cute critters for my entire life,

Spun Cotton critters  And dressing some of them up in wee scraps of fabric and lace is so much fun! Who could resist such a cutie?!

Spun Cotton critters  The trick is keeping them away from the kitties, who seem to think that they are perfect kitty toys!  

Autumn Bell Pull 
I finally finished the Autumn Bell Pull that began as a DYB Round Robin back in 2010! 

   Autumn Bell Pull 
It's hard to take a photo that's easy to post when it's a long bell pull! There should be a couple of videos showing the finish of this on my YouTube channel in the near future!

Speaking of which, when I started my YouTube channel in 2018, I never dreamed I would gain more than a couple thousand followers.  But in December 2023, my channel reached 5,000 subscribers and as of today it was at 5400!  I love that so many people are interested in crazy quilting and patient enough to follow along with my videos!  

I have no training in videography, or in video editing.  But I've tried things and learned as I've gone.  What a journey it is, and I'm excited to see where it will lead!  

I'm so grateful to those of you who have been checking in to see if I've posted anything new lately and to those of you who come back for the tutorials or simply for inspiration!  

I'm also pleased to let you know that I will be teaching two crazy quilt class series for Sew Downtown in Greeley, Colorado in this year!  There is one in progress right now, but there is another one coming up in May.  Check the course listing on Sew Downtown's website if you are interested in registering for in person classes!  Note that these are geared towards beginners, though some of the experienced folks who have taken it tell me they learned new things!  


I've had paper whites blooming for a couple of months.  They bring such joy on cold wintry days.  I loved how this one reached for the sun around the kitchen cabinet!  


Fun to see your slow stitching project...and I have to admit to being totally ignorant concerning making spun cotton items. Must do some research on that!

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