Hello Again! Stitching Resumes!

 Happy New Year!  I'm finally getting back to stitching after a long hiatus.  Though I've done a tiny bit here and there, it's really been a couple years since I've stitched regularly.  I'm currently working on a new mug mat for my sewing table. 

Speaking of sewing tables, I recently got a new one!  It's very similar to one I had, but got rid of in a fit of downsizing. I'd been stitching on a smaller desk, but found it frustrating for numerous reasons.  And not having my favorite stitching table for the past 5 years, has impacted my stitching, and truthfully, kept me from it.  How delighted I was to find a near match (except that this is a slightly sturdier model with a wooden top instead of painted) at a regional antique mall for a great price! And I had received a generous gift earlier that same day that allowed me to bring it home!  

This is the table I had gotten rid of.  Here, covered in SO much stuff from a stitching project back in 2014.  Embarrassing!  Truly, it received so much use and nearly all my crazy quilt projects were stitched at this table.  I knew I shouldn't get rid of it when I did, but I was determined to have less stuff and having two tables seemed too much, especially since everything I had was going into storage at the time. But I've regretted it every day since.  Now, I don't have to regret any longer!  

After 6 ½ years, I completed my "O Holy Night" piece!  I filmed the finishing of it, which you can find on my YouTube Channel!  I'd love if you'd take a look, subscribe to my channel, and leave a comment there! I'm hoping to do a lot more crazy quilting and stitching on the channel this year.  

I also published a video on the making of my crazy quilted stocking!  Link here: CQ Stocking.  I thought I was done making stockings, but another grandson was born this fall, so there's another one to make!  
I started off the new year with a presentation of my crazy quilting at Sew Downtown in Greeley, Colorado!  I had demo'd and taught a class there a long time ago... maybe 7 or 8 years ago!  So delightful to be asked back!  There is going to be a class series starting in mid-March! 
I've been enjoying some gorgeous amaryllis blooms in my kitchen!  I'm loving this white one! Having blooming flowers in the midst of winter brings me so much joy!  

See you soon!  


Robin said…
Good luck with your return to sewing. We all get it.....sometimes you are not in the mood or more likely other things fill the hours. All crafting, whatever medium it may be, brings rewards. Going back to sewing is like finding a long lost friend.

Robin @ crafting with the stitch witch
msmo said…
Hi Lisa! It'a lovely to see your work again..as always its just a joy to see. Have you any news of Older Rose? I haven't seen a post form her for months. I'm currently taking a little break myself.
Sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way of our creative pursuits. Glad you're back to yours! Happy New Year.
I just found your site and must say I had to write to you about your poem on top, about being alone with God. It is very beautiful and really touched my heart as it so fits where I am in life right now. I have only perused a tiny bit of the images on this site but I must say you seem very talented at everything! Your crazy quilts are nothing short of breathtaking and your rabbit painting is absolutely adorable! I do many crafts as well but know nothing about all these latest things like blogging, Pinterest, etc. and they seem overwhelming to me to figure out, but I'm so glad you have this website for all of us to see your beautiful creations! Thank you for sharing them and that beautiful poem as well. Isn't God so, so good?! I am Jacqueline @ patchworkjourneys@gmail.com

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