May Journal & May Issue of CQ Mag

Lilacs are the theme for May's journal!  Lilacs are probably my favorite flower, especially when it comes to scent.  All the more treasured due to their short bloom time! I was a little late getting this one set up, but managed to get it done on May 2nd.  I played with a looser version of lilacs than I've painted previously.  

There have been lots of changes going on in my life for the past couple of weeks, and it is reflected in my task list.  Notice all the packing!  Well... things have changed again, and so that's going to get postponed if not cancelled for now.  More on that in another post.  

The RV repairs have hit some snags.  We replaced the battery disconnect and the relay, which controls the flow of power from the batteries to the RV.  But now, there is no power flowing to the relay, despite everything appearing to be intact.  So, once again, we are at square one.  I really need to get this fixed so I can get it sold.  I'm not using it and it costs me money every month in insurance and it's taking up space at my good friends farm.  Time to let it go, but it sure seems to be a struggle to get it ready to sell.  I don't want to invest lots of money into it, but it does need a few basic things in running order.  Sigh.  

I changed the Covid tracking this month in anticipation of a possible move to either Nebraska or Iowa.  Despite their lower populations, I discovered that their rates of infection and deaths are in the top 10 states in the USA for covid infections per million people.  Colorado is 44th.  

It has been good having a spending tracker.  Helps me to see where my money is going.  I was trying to do this on a spreadsheet on the computer, but I wasn't getting it filled out.  With this, I'm able to put the receipts here and fill it in more consistently. It appears I spend money on the cat, on books for the kindle, and snacks.  Need to work on the snacks and eliminate them!  That would probably help my weight!  I struggle with craving salty crunchy snacks.  Goldfish crackers are my snack of choice.  Carrots just don't have the same impact! 

So, here it is the May spread.  I may need to re-do the house hunt/pack portion to reflect how the month has already changed for me. 

Crazy Quilt Magazine May 2021

Crazy Quilt Magazine: Crazy Quilt Magazine May 2021

Crazy quilting, 2020 Challenge Project, Issue #3

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In other news, the May Issue of Crazy Quilt Magazine is out!  Featuring the work of 8 crazy quilters and their 2020 challenge projects!  Beautiful work!  I hope you'll check it out!   


msmo said…
I just love your journals, Lisa. I hope you are able to find a new place that suits both your budget and your artistic nature and has room for gardening...I LOVED that home you lived in prior to moving where you are now....don't know how you could have parted with it!
I SHOULD be tracking all my spending too!!! More power to you! Maire

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