March Journal Set Up

Here we are, a week and a half into March, and I'm just now sharing my March journal set up.  Oops!  I had so much fun playing with a shamrock/clover theme for the watercolor header for this month!  

I was inspired in part by this photo I took last summer in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We were picnicking at a lovely spot along side a stream and the grass was filled with clover blossoms.  So pretty!  I took quite a few photos and currently am using one of them as the background on my computer.  A pot of shamrocks blooming on my kitchen window sill was the other inspiration.  So happy with how it turned out!  

Having this lovely page to start the month has been so enjoyable.  It lifts my spirits every time I see it.  The verse I chose for this month departs from the theme of Trust that I had chosen for the year.  For some reason, I felt that I needed to be reminded that no matter what, the Lord and maker of all is to be praised.  As we've already encountered some difficult family issues this month, it's been a good reminder.  

I changed the tracker slightly this month.  Not huge changes, but focused on a couple of things I want to work on, such as drinking more water on a daily basis.  I'm struggling with walking enough and trying hard to decrease my dependence on a daily dose of chocolate! I'm not so happy with the pink lines in this, so will likely go back to a green for future set-ups. 

I'm pleased to say that I'm doing really well with decreasing my social media time.  Most days, I'm well under 1 hour.  Taking Facebook off my phone made an enormous difference and I'm pleased to say that I no longer pick my phone up so often just to see what is on Facebook.  Now I have to go to the computer to check, and I only do that a few times a week.  I do still have instagram on my phone, but I tend to scroll through it only when Im waiting for something somewhere other than home, or once in a while in the evenings.  I also post about Mushu kitty's activities through Instagram to Facebook.  

My list of Focus tasks seems to be getting longer and more detailed.  Some things have changed since I wrote up this list, so April's list will reflect some of that.  There are changes coming... possibly a move for me, though it's something I'm still working through.  I'm happy to say that I was able to pay off one debt already this month and significantly reduce another.  I was also able to make progress on fixing my RV in preparation to sell.  I'm hoping that with warmer weather, the repairs can move along a little faster, but we have to get through this mid-March snowstorm that is headed our way first! 

I love having these little tabs in my journal.  They make it easy to get to the tracker page every day.  This set up has been working so well for me and I love that it is also pushing me to playing with my watercolors on a regular basis!  Now that we are nearly to the middle of March, it's time to start thinking about the April set up!  


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