If you haven't already heard, I am the new owner/Editor/Publisher of Crazy Quilt Magazine!  It is quite a fun journey to be embarking upon and I am really excited about all the possibilities it offers!  

The magazine began in 2012 as Pat Winter's Crazy Quilt Gathering.  In 2015, Pam Kellogg continued the magazine under the name Crazy Quilt Quarterly.  Now, in 2020, during this crazy year of pandemics, politics, and  change, the magazine has come to me.  I'm hoping that the magazine will bring a respite of calm and beauty amidst this difficult season and that it will become a treasured resource for crazy quilting in the 21st Century.  

The magazine is off to a great start, and even though we are still 2 ½ months from publishing the first issue, the pages are mostly full and I have a good idea of where it will be going in the future.  As with any new endeavor, there will be a couple of transitional issues while things settle into a more polished magazine.  I can't wait for you to see the first issue!  I'll be posting more about it as it gets closer to publication date! 

Until then, you can find Crazy Quilt Magazine in the following locations:
Instagram: @crazyquiltmag

If you have a quality project for Crazy Quilt Magazine to consider publishing, please take a look at the subscription guidelines on the website.  There are a few specific things that I'm looking for to put in each issue:
   - A block that needs improvement!  We'd like to take a look at a troublesome block and consider different approaches to making it better!  If you have a block like this that we could all learn from, please let me know!  
   - A vintage crazy quilt.  Especially if it is unusual, exceptionally well done, or contains something interesting!  The quilt must be your own quilt.  Photos of quilts in museums or someone's possession other than your own will not be accepted or considered for publication.  
     - Small Projects and/or Tutorials that fit each issue's theme/focus. 
     - Interesting articles about crazy quilting and/or crazy quilt supplies.
    - Photos of your crazy quilt work that has not been previously published or shared on social media! Be watching for the themes/focus of upcoming issues and consider submitting work for it!  

Crazy Quilt Magazine is also looking for quality advertisers having to do with Crazy Quilting!  See the Advertising section on the website!  

With all the focus on the new magazine, my YouTube channel has taken a back seat for a while. Once things settle into a better routine I'll be posting more videos!  

On a personal note, my dear old kitty Thomas passed away in June.  He was 19 years old and with me for nearly 1/3rd of my life.  I think he gave me more unconditional love in his 19 years with me than any other person or critter.  Truly a huge  and difficult loss.  

But, now a new little furry friend has come to live with me!  I'm still not certain of his name - he goes by Mr Buddy Tibbs (Buddy or Mr Tibbs) and Mushu.  I think Mushu is winning.  He is very playful and VERY mischievous and I suspect that played a role in injuring his eye and it's subsequent removal.  He came to me via my DIL who works at an area humane society as a vet tech, where he had been brought in as an injured stray.  He's super sweet (most of the time!) and totally into and on top of everything.  He's settling in nicely, though I can't say I'm super happy about the 3:00-5:00 a.m. wake up he gives me every morning! We think he's about 1 ½ years old, so I hope we have a long and happy time together!   


Tineke said…
My condolences about your sweet kitty. So sorry to hear. And congrats on the new ownership of the magazine. Thank you for taking Mushu in. I hope Mushu gives you a new love, a place in your heart, I think he needs to settle in. My fluffy boys had their play and rush hour at that time. I played intensely with them before bedtime, fed them, and after the new ritual set in they slept when I slept because they were just as tired as I was. Hope it helps you too. A big hug and thank you for the post.

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