Thread Organizing - From Tangled to Orderly

The latest episode is up on my YouTube Channel!  I'm getting ready for a new year filled with beautiful stitching!  


Cynthia Nicole said…
Lisa i was wondering how you deal with the kinks that form in the thread from storing on the small cards? I find it bothers me that i have kinks to deal with!
Thanks for your video!
Pam Austin said…
Thank you so much for sharing your whole process. I think all of us crafters and sewers go through the same thing periodically and so it’s inspiring to watch someone else take on the job. Great job :-)
Marci Glenn said…
Hi Lisa! Thank you for this inspiring video. I have my DMC floss on cards as well which are great for simplifying storage and retrieval. I have found though that if a thread has been on the card for awhile, there are kinks. I haven't found a way to remove those so the thread lies flat when stitched. Have you experienced this?
Thanks again for this video and I look forward to watching more. Cheers!

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