Challenge Project - Entries

I just posted the last video in the Challenge Project Series. This time, we take a look at all ten entries that were made! What an amazing body of work was created for this Challenge! We all started with the same kit of fabrics and embellishments, but the resulting projects were each beautifully and creatively unique!

The ladies that participated in this challenge (in addition to myself) were:

Sue Weeks

Nicki Lee Seavey

Lydia Aguayo Talton

Wilma van Wagensveld

Mary Anne Polovich Griffin

Maureen Greeson

Shirlee Fassell

Betty Fikes Pillsbury

Allie Aller

What a treat to spend three days in the company of these talented women as well as the other ten ladies present at the retreat!  It was a splendid time!

Thanks so much for watching!  As I write this post, my YouTube channel is up to 380 subscribers!  Thank you so much!


Congrats on all of your subscribers!

Enjoyed the video of the participants in that challenge and I have to say the lampshade was my favorite.

I am still enjoying my pincushion from one of your give-aways a few years ago.

Have a lovely holiday season ~ FlowerLady

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