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2017.09.12HexiProjectWIP - 1
A good sign that life is developing some sense of "normal" again, is that I've been stitching again!  Working on this project, a combination of English paper piecing and crazy quilting in some lovely Japanese taupe fabrics.  

Ol' Trusty got traded in for this new Subaru Outback a couple weeks ago!  Oh my, there are so many bells and whistles on it, that it's going to take some getting used to!  She hasn't earned a name quite yet, but hoping it will be soon as we've already begun our adventures together! 

We headed for the mountains one day last week.  The aspen trees already beginning to change color in some places.  Fall is definitely in full swing in the mountains. 

Our first stop was Echo Lake, where I had a nice walk with my cane on the easy trail around the lake.  

Such a pretty spot!  Quintessential Colorado!  

This lovely gray jay followed me part of the way hoping for a handout, but I've learned it's better to let them find their own natural foods.  

The thistles around Echo Lake were a lovely deep shade of plum purple.  

From Echo Lake, we headed up Mount Evans.  The road winds gradually up the side of the mountain until it tops out at over 14,000 feet high!  

After Labor Day, the road is closed at Summit Lake so that the high tundra can get a rest before winter sets in and the wildlife has some time to themselves.  At well over 12,000 feet in elevation, it's still pretty high!  

The path leads around the eastern side of the lake and then if one chooses, there is a rocky steep trail up to the summit of Mount Evans or down towards the Chicago Lakes and Echo Lake.  Too steep for me!  I was content to wander the shores of Summit Lake!  

The view of the Black Cliff is pretty spectacular.  It's hard to realize the scale in this photo.  

Looking down the canyon, one has a good view of the Chicago Lakes below.  

The tundra is in full autumn mode with colors changing rapidly.  

Lots of beautiful blooms still visible though!  

And many that one might easily miss if not paying attention!  

The Mount Evans road is a great place to see Bighorn Sheep and higher up, the Mountain Goats are often around.  Always a treat to see them. 

There's lots of small wildlife too like this Colorado Least chipmunk busy gathering food for winter!  

Along the lakeshore, the colors in the grasses were lovely.  Reminded me of some of the scenes I saw in Scotland.  

Just beautiful!

2017.09.05MtEvans - 1
At the end of the day, I took the road down and found an overlook where I sat and ate my dinner and watched the gradual sunset.  Loved the shading of the mountain layers. 

Eventually the sunset came.  The air in Colorado has been filled with smoke from the. many western wildfires and it gave the sun an eerie red glow to it before it disappeared into the haze.  

The smoke has been thick as the weather patterns have backed it up against the mountains.  I don't think we've truly had a clear day since the eclipse in mid August.  It's a good reminder of all the troubles taking place around the country and indeed around the world.  Many thoughts and prayers going out for all those affected by the fires and the hurricanes and earthquakes.  

It's not often that we get to see the Colorado landscape appearing misty/cloudy.  Definitely beautiful in its own way, but I'm ready to see some clear blue Colorado skies again!  


Wow, what a beautiful little adventure you had in your new vehicle. Your photos are just wonderful!

I hope the fires will be contained soon.

Thanks for sharing, it was like being on vacation, although a virtual one. :-)

Carolien said…
Beautiful pictures and a lovely project on hand .... happy fall!
Lin said…
I love the crazy/hexie combo - looking forward to seeing more of this project. Great pictures of your travels. xx
M. Hair said…
Thanks for taking us on your walk. Just beautiful. Reminds me of when I visited my sister in Fort Collins and our trip to Estes Park. Glad to hear you are stitching again. Love the colors and the hexies.
Anonymous said…
Love, love your new car, enjoy. Looking forward to more stitching:) And as always, love the travel pictures!! Mary
FredaB said…
This was a great post Lisa. I wish you the best in your journeys ahead.

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