Sweater Salvage

I have had this black wool sweater for close to 15 years and it is a favorite!  I wear it nearly daily and it was starting to get worn and had developed a few holes.  I looked in vain for a sweater of the same size and similar fit, but wasn't able to find one.  Today, I decided to repair the holes in hopes of getting a few more years use out it!  

Every where that there was a hole, I needle felted a leaf over that spot.  

I love the way it turned out and hope that it will hold up to daily wear!  So glad I was able to salvage it and turn it into something a bit unique! 


Wow, that is really lovely!

Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady
Nice fix. I have favorite clothes that I have "repaired" by various methods. I have never needle felted. It worked perfectly on your sweater!
xx, Carol
Shirlee Fassell said…
Nice save! Your felted leaves are great! Love it when you can save a favorite.
FredaB said…
How clever this is. Looks great and you probably feel like you have a new sweater.
Anonymous said…
Hi Lisa,

Perfect timing!!!! I was just getting ready to take the buttons off of my favorite cotton sweater. I will try this first. Thanks so much. I love the way yours looks.
Suzie in Idaho
msmo said…
Just darling Lisa!! Thanks for sharing.
Lisa, hello, I have found your site from linking up with Sew Slowly and Quilty Folk. I too crazy quilt and I have seen many of yours on Pinterest. But how do I follow your blog? carli the quilter at gmail dot com

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