Plein Aire in the Garden

The garden... what can I say?  It has been stupendous!  Glorious!  Amazing!  Despite all those words, there really are no words that can adequately describe the beauty that has blessed my backyard this month.  It takes my breath away! 

What fun it was to get out the paints and spend some time painting the garden en plein air!  

While I am not yet able to interpret my garden in paint the way that I want to, my little paintings still capture the essence! I'll have to keep playing and working to be able to capture the glory in paint.  

I definitely do better in photographs!  




Then I had a go at watercolors.  Much happier with these, maybe because I stay better practiced and I have a better feel for how to achieve the results I'm after.  What a glorious evening it was to sit and paint my mother's birdbath!  

This robin came and bathed and drank fairly frequently while I was painting!  

Overhead, the clouds glittered in the veining sunlight!  Amazing to look up at that deep, deep blue.  

Here is the finished watercolor sketch. 

I started a second one as well, that I had to finish inside when those clouds covered the sky and began to send sprinkles down!  


The following day was gloomy and grey and in the afternoon we had an enormous thunderstorm that dropped 2 inches of rain in about 30 minutes.  The garden took a beating from the heavy rain and wind, but I'm grateful we had no hail.  

The only damage was lots of waterlogged roses and many, many petals on the ground. 

Beautiful in it's own way. 

Still lovely.  

Now, a week later, after a week of hot, hot, hot temps and bone dry, the garden is looking a bit weary, but still lovely.  I need to find time to go out and deadhead the roses.  

The climbing Iceberg Rose has finally come into it's glory though!  

There are still beautiful blooms.  This is "Lady of Shallot".

These brilliant pink beauties are Boscobel.

The side gardens continue to bloom with the delphinium taking center stage right now!  

The Bunny Cauldron is looking it's finest as well!  

I've spent a fair amount of time inside, away from the heat and scorching sun, working on our family cookbook.  It's a project that has been in the works for a couple of years, but I've finally made great headway on it and the end is in sight!  There have been a fair number of cooking projects to go along with as I need photos for various parts of the book!  

With all the gardening, cookbook writing, cooking and photography, I haven't put a single stitch in anything for well over a month now!  Think I'd like to have a go at sketching my garden in stitches!  But first, there is a huge garage sale coming up in two short weeks that I need more time to prepare for!  


Janie said…
I can just smell those roses! Beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing.
Lin said…
Your garden is stunning! Deadheading must be a major task.Your watercolours are lovely - thank you for sharing your pictures. xx
Beautiful garden. I love the photos & paintings. You have captured everything but it's scent! ❤️
Oh my goodness! Your gardens are beautiful and I just LOVE all of your roses.

As they say, practice makes perfect, so your oils will become more of what you wish them to be with time and practice. I think they are nice and your watercolors are wonderful!

Have a great week, enjoying each and every day. Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady
Amazing that you are doing so well. I saw the pics on FB of you foot!! I think your paintings are wonderful. You have so much talent with brushes AND needles!
SallytotheMax said…
Lisa, As I scroll down, each picture is more beautiful than the one before it! At the end, talk of family, the most beautiful "flower." I'm grateful that you share your talents with us.
Janice Smith said…
What a joy it must be to walk out into your garden each morning. The roses are beautiful especially the Lady of Shallot which is truly exquisite. Your watercolors are lovely; how I wish that I had that talent. :-)
Jani said…
Dear Lisa, I have followed your blog since Flagstaff and your lovely white living room. Since your move to Colorado, I've been overjoyed to watch your design and gardening skills as well. The cottage you now own is coming along nicely. The roses are spectacular. And to think you can capture them with oils and watercolor...well, that's simply a special gift. What a fantastic celebration of your talents. Thank you so much for sharing.
Heather said…
Your gardens and your art always take my breath away! Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Boscobel, beautiful!! Your yard has really come together, lives up to the saying, "first it sleeps, then it creeps and then it leaps":)
LindaSonia said…
You are blessed with talent. I love your paintings and your garden is absolutely glorious. Those roses - such a showy display. Thanks for sharing.

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