September's CQJP 2015 Block

 {nine} 9 (NINE) blocks completed!!!
(it's a big mile stone, can you tell I'm excited to have reached this point at long last?!)

September's block - completed in November.  Getting closer to the end!  

The rick-rack seam that started this block.  Toning down that fluorescent pink is a challenge. A nice variegated orange/yellow pearl cotton did the job nicely.   Above it, a stem stitched vine with silk ribbon Fargo roses, bouillon stitch and beads. These two seams were a great foundation for the rest of the block. 

With two large light patches, I knew I needed to prevent them from standing out too much.  I decided to tackle one of them right away and added this feather stitched and lazy daisy filling pattern.  Love how it turned out.  

This seam is composed of cretin stitch and fly stitch with pink oyster stitched blossoms and lazy daisy flowers to set off the centers of the pattern.  

At this point, everything was looking a bit too linear, so I added this curly vine.  

That dratted small corner is always a challenge.  Another mandala motif to fill the space. 

The second pale patch was filled with a combination seam of herringbone, buttonhole stitch and then a feather and fly stitched floral added with some simple ribbon embroidered blossoms.  

A curving featherstitched vine with orange beaded flowers fills this small corner piece.  

When I looked at all the blocks, I realized that there were few center motifs on the right side of the central pentagon patch.  To make the blocks balance as a whole, I added one on this block with some bluebells and ferny greenery.  

The last seam completed was this random featherstitch with spider-web flowers.  The golden yellow flowers helped to balance the rest of the block.  

Now it's on to the last three blocks.  I've already chosen the rick-rack and placement for each of the three blocks and decided on which side will be the top.  Hopefully this will help all twelve blocks to balance nicely with one another once complete!  

It's time to sign up for CQJP 2016 already!  My project for next year is going to be very different, with blocks pieced of various shades of linen from taupe to ecru, to cream to white.  Birds and plants in my yard will be the theme! I'm eager to get started, but need to finish 2015 first! 


NickiLee said…
Way beyond gorgeous! I love it Lisa! You are now officially ahead of me. I have about 2 more hours to go on my September block before I can get to Nov. Gotta do it - CQJP 2016 is just around the corner!
I LOVE this flower strewn block. I see some stitches I want to try. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely, exquisite work here.

I love what you did this year. Blocks covered in the most gorgeous stitching kept me captive, and inspired me to try new stitches. You Rock!!
SallytotheMax said…
As I was reading, I wondered about the overall design (all the blocks together) and I'm glad that you mentioned this at the end. Do you think that you'll adjust individual blocks once they're placed together as a whole? I assume that you place the blocks as they come in the year. I can't wait to see them together!

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