Events in May! {catching up}

May was a month filled with celebrations and so many things!  I've posted about the amazing birds that visited and the stitching I was able to accomplish, but I haven't posted about some of the family events that took place!  On May 1st, my son Jonathan married Becca in a small ceremony!  Just them and all of the parents in a small ceremony with their pastor.   We'll be celebrating again in August with a much larger friends and family ceremony!  

It was a lovely personal ceremony.



I loved the way that both Becca and Jonathan wore their cowboy boots. 2015.05.01Wedding03
Just a simple bouquet of flowers and a lacy dress for the bride.

The happy couple! 

Me with the bride and groom!

A church member found out about the small wedding ceremony and surprised the couple with a lovely and very tasty wedding cake!  

Another celebration was for my foster son Gary who graduated with his Associates Degree, Magna Cum Laude.  Quite an accomplishment for a young man who due to circumstances in his family never completed a full semester of school beyond the 5th grade!  Gary's lovely wife Marcy provided an unending supply of encouragement and motivation!  In the fall, Gary continues on in school at Colorado Christian University as he pursues his education towards becoming a Pastor!  So very proud of Gary and his accomplishments! 

Sketch of my yard
At home, it rained.  And rained.  And rained some more.  I did this little watercolor sketch from my kitchen window during a brief hour when the sun came out and made the grass glow with light! While I have missed the sunshine, Colorado is a green and lush as I've ever seen it!  

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses
Then, at the end of the month, I made a trip to Arizona, stopping along the way at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company in Colorado Springs!  These tiny homes range from 80 to 160 square feet in size.  About the size of a large walk in closet or bathroom in many new houses today.  I've been intrigued by tiny houses for a very long time... long before Tumbleweed made Tiny Houses a popular thing... and have notebooks full of sketches and designs for several.  I would LOVE to be able to build one of these someday! 

It was terrific to stand inside of one and feel the space.  For just a moment it felt really small.  But then the more time I was in it, the more spacious it felt.  In my wildest dreams, I sell everything I own and move into one of these and travel the country, stopping for a few months in various locations to really get to know an area.  Maybe someday that dream will come true!

Version 3
The trip to Arizona was to celebrate my sister Holly's retirement from the Forest Service!  Being a Forest Fire Fighter, she got to retire after 20 years of service!

Appropriately, the celebration was held in the forest she helped to protect all these years.  She moved up from being just another member of a fire crew, to being an engine boss, on the heli-attack crew, and than on up into fire management.  She was suitably feted with awards and remembrances for all that she did for the Kaibab National Forest and there were over 60 people in attendance to help her celebrate!  

I loved that many of the gifts she received had to do with large fires that she had helped to fight! 

My Sister's Garden
Another treat was getting to see her garden for the first time!  It was just past it's prime time of bloom, but still glorious even in the early summer heat!  She has really created a lovely small waterwise paradise despite living in the desert!

So that was the month of May ~ filled with celebrations and a bit of travel and the possibility of dreams to come!

Next post, I hope to catch up with the last installment about the Crazy Adventure portion of my east coast trip!


Laurie said…
What a fun month for you Lisa, congratulations to your children, what wonderful accomplishments. I couldn't help but smile at the photos of small houses. It too has been a dream of mine to own one of this little gems and travel the country. Maybe one day our dreams will come true!!
What a merry month of May you had. Love all of the celebrations filled with love and joy for all.

Your watercolor is wonderful.

Those tiny houses are a bit tiny for me. I do enjoy watching little you-tube videos of people living in them. To just pare down to live in a space that tiny would be a real chore for me. My little cottage is around 675 sq. ft. Very small by today's standards.

May your June be filled with joy.

Love the photo of you with the beautiful bride and handsome groom. The cowboy boots were perfection and the bride's ensemble gorgeous!
welltraveled said…
Lisa looks like you had a great MAY...
Susan Elliott said…
Congratulations Jonathan, Becca, Gary and Holly! What a wonderful month of celebration. As a woman who married a Texan who wears cowboy boots, I can relate to the boots and jeans wedding. Simply...beautiful. And WOOOT! Way to go Gary!!! What a fantastic start to the next phase of his learning. And Holly...well...I would just love to hang out with her and here about her life and the forest. When you get your tiny mobile house...I hope you will stop by and see me. I have a dream for a tree studio...maybe in's fun to think about what might happen when there are no encumbrances...right now my Dad is needing more and more help so that's not my current reality. That's what dreams are for though, right?
Susan Elliott said…
P.S. I'll be happy to house your stash for you while you travel in your tiny house ;)
Anonymous said…
I love those tiny houses and I have enjoyed your entries. I sent Judi the spring 2014 edition of Crazy Quilt Gatherings and she loved it as did Iand I was so happy I was able to find it for her. I always miss your entries when you are gone for an extended time.
hpk said…
Thanks my Sis for including my retirement in your post! Having you there meant so much to me! hpk

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