Early Morning in the Yard

The Robins have been singing again!  It might have something to do with the two trees in our neighbor's yard, just over the back fence.  They are loaded with bright red cherries and the robins have been feasting! 

Yesterday saw the last of the big yard projects finished, including getting the big pile of dirt out of the driveway!  So exciting!  It still needs cleaned up and there are still a couple of loads of flagstone to haul away to my son's house, but the driveway is nearly clear for the first time in two months!  Truly, it's the small things in life that bring joy! 

The last of the wooden beams got put into place near the back fence.  I have a special rose coming in the fall from one of my wonderful online friends that will get planted here.  For now, I'm tucking in a few annuals to spruce it up for the wedding that is happening in one short week!  All the storm windows and doors got tucked away behind the shed in an orderly fashion instead of being propped up helter skelter everywhere!  

The flowers in the porch beds are blooming beautifully!  Especially in the old iron cauldron!

The side gardens have been planted to the max and are looking lovely.  Next year, it will be so full and tight that I'm sure I will have to do some digging out and moving around, but for this year, it looks full and lovely.  

Some of the bare spots in the lawn are still an issue, so more seed has been put down.  It won't have grown yet by the time of the wedding next week, but hopefully will be making a start.  It's just so nice to have it all coming together after all of our hard work!  

Now it's time to put some spit and polish on the inside of the house and getting the last minute wedding details taken care of!    That includes a little bit of crazy quilting, which I hope to show you next time I post! 


suz said…
I am so impressed by everything you accomplished this year! Your flower beds are so beautiful I doubt anyone will even notice the bare spots in the lawn. This is going to be a wonderful wedding venue!
Judy said…
Lisa, it's all just gorgeous! You should be so proud if what you've accomplished. I adore Jessie's wedding pillow, it's stunning. I can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding.

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