Under the Sea Block for Velia

I finished my part of Velia's Under the Sea block!

When it arrived at my house, Linda, the first person to work on it had added a nice sea-bottom scape in the lower left corner.   I decided to work on the upper left area and to finish off the left side of the block as no seams had been done yet.  

The little fish got some embroidery to bring it to life.

I embroidered all the seams, especially important as some of the edges of the fabric patches were not fully secured down.  I also believe strongly that good seams can do a beautiful job of grounding these big blocks.  By doing the seams in similar colors to the fabrics, they blend right in without taking over.  The jelly fish was lots of fun to make with a scrap of organza, some beaded trim and some interesting iridescent knitted trim that I had.  

I had just four of these little fish beads in my stash and the colors were perfect for this block!  I also added some seaweed fronds from the bottom to bring this sided of the block into cohesion.   I tacked them down with feather and fly stitching. The pink feathery yarn is some that I hand-dyed a while back.  It went perfectly with this block!  

I hope that Velia likes what I've done on her block!  Now it heads off to the next person in the round robin and I get to work on the next block!  


hpk said…
The jellyfish is wonderful!
zooperson said…
What a neat project this is--how many people are in the round robin? Your work is really first rate. Every one so far has been beautiful .
Este projeto é genial!
Seu trabalho neste bloco ficou muito lindo!
Um abraço!
This design is brilliant!
His work in this block was very beautiful!
LoriF said…
Very pretty! I think the fabrics that Velia chose are certainly contributing to this block as well, and as I said in the gallery, I love your seam finishes. LOL I notice some of the participants in UTS#3 are kind of avoiding the seams as well.
Wow! What an interesting piece and that jelly fish is wonderful.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady
The jelly fish, just blew me away, just lovely.

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