Getting Stuff Done!

Front Step Damage
Owning an older house has come with it's share of delights and problems.  The gutter over the porch stair, the entrance we use the most, allows water to drain right onto the steps.  Over the winter, this froze and cracked the stairs resulting in this damage.  

Front Step repair in progress
This week, they came to repair the steps for me.  How grateful I was that they didn't need to tear the entire thing out but were able to remove all the damaged portion, reinforce it and repair the cracked and broken area. 

Front Step after repair
After two days work, it's looking good!  Still has a sealant layer and touch up to go as well as a few days drying.  So glad to have a proper repair job done! 

Hopefully the gutter guy will be here next week to install the new improved gutter! 

And the sprinkler system got repaired this week as well!  Lots of big little projects getting done around here! 

Kitty Love!
Another bit of enormous progress around here was sitting in my chair with my Mom's kitty "Kitzy"(the black one in front, who is usually hiding in my daughter's room, and having my other two kitties join us ~ with no altercations!  Just a lap full of purring kitties!  They have all lived together for well over a year and this was a first!  Hope they eventually are able to tolerate one another in such a way that Kitzy feels like she can wander around the house at will.  


Leslie's Garden said…
How wonderful to get those kinds of maintenance things done! We have quite a few things needing a handyman around here, too! Cute kitties!!
That was quite a damage. Good thing it got fixed as soon as possible to avoid mishaps, as well as further damage to the steps. Hopefully the gutter guy got whatever the problem was and removed any blockages that were causing the spillage. Stay safe!
AA said…
I have had to integrate a cat with 2 other sibling cats. The pheromone sprays have been helpful to keep everyone calm. There are room plug ins as well but at a substantially higher cost. I know how big a victory 3 cats co-existing can be. Set backs are discouraging but I use the spray for a few days and they settle down again. Group snacks is a big hit too. I have an orange can of "Stop That" if a fight breaks out, and all I have to do is take the lid off and everyone backs off. Good luck!
Tom Willi said…
So, was the gutter guy able to fix your problem? It’s a good thing too, since ‘tis the season for gutter maintenance anyways. Two birds with one gutter guy. Heh.

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