The Mountains Called...

Rocky Mtn Peaks
My heart has been heavy lately.  Between the difficulties of adjusting to the new job, the long commute, difficulty sleeping during the day (since I work nights), missing my Mom - whose birthday would have been this past Tuesday, the ever increasing to-do list for my little home, the yard - which seems ten times the size it was when I bought the house, and trying to keep up with it all, much less make progress with, not to mention the fact that  my creative muse seems to have up and left me high and dry...  I needed a day of rest and relaxation, a short escape.  With Rocky Mountain National Park just over an hour away, a spontaneous day in the mountains seemed just the thing.  It was gorgeous with blue skies, fluffy white clouds and a comfortable day.

Bighorn and Elk
No sooner did we drive into the park, when we came across this herd of Bighorn Sheep rams at the salt lick in Horseshoe Park.  Behind them several bull Elk in growing velvet horns.  What a treat!  My daughter took it as a sign that we were "meant to come".

Spring Aspen
Just 3 short weeks ago, the aspen were still barren, but now their bright spring green leaves glow against the ponderosa pines.

Fern Lake Fire renewal
We headed for our favorite hidden corner of the park, past the recently burned area, where the grass is growing in lush and green and the sound of frogs fills the air!

Spring woods
Our picnic spot was also touched by fire, though by the wildflowers and green grass, you can hardly tell.  We had a peaceful hour here, eating our picnic lunch, sketching wildflowers and trees until a brief sprinkle of rain caused us to head on to other parts of the park.

Bighorn Ram
We headed up to the tundra to see the deep cuts through the snow.  We enjoyed those, but watching this Bighorn ram right next to the road was the real highlight!

And down in the rocks, I spied this little critter, a Pica, the smallest member of the rabbit family that lives up in these high peaks.  I was thrilled to see it as they are becoming rarer with our warming climate.

Spring woods
After enjoying the tundra, we headed back down and spent a couple of lovely hours enjoying the late afternoon in the woods where we sat and sketched some more, watched the birds and just enjoyed the sights and sounds of the woods.

We saw lots of Magpies ~ so gorgeous with their pristine black and white!

Bull Elk resting
As we headed towards home, we spied these two bull Elk resting in the evening light.

Longs Peak from Horseshoe Park
Longs Peak is just barely visible over the ridge on the south side of Horseshoe Park.  I love the colorful willows.  A lovely sight to send us home with lighter hearts than what we arrived with.


Nancy said…
Blessings of peace and rest to you in your upcoming work week!
Anonymous said…
Oh Lisa, please do not be too hard on yourself, you have done such a huge, huge job getting everything ready and together wihin your wonderful home. This alone can exhaust you. The sadness of your mom's passing will come and go now forever and you will in time just remember your parents and all the good times with them!! I'm so glad you have some place so close to you to drive off into and become grounded. Your pictures are, as always, wonderful. Rest and peace will come.
Também viajei e descansei com você através do texto e das fotos. que passeio delicioso! Que lugar bonito! Obrigada!
Um abraço!
Laurie said…
Lisa it looks so beautiful and relaxing. I can see why you love it so much. What a wonderful place to find a peaceful moment. I keep you in my prayers, loss is so hard.
Kyleigh said…
What gorgeous pictures! I'd love to know what part of RMNP you were in for the "woods" picture. I live in Denver and have been struggling to find woods close enough to home for a get away.
JustGail said…
I'm glad you had a wonderful day at the park. You've had a huge number of changes to deal with in the last year, don't be too hard on yourself. Is the sleeping problem due to thinking "it's daylight, I should be doing something!", maybe even subconciously? I hope you get it resolved, everything seems harder when short on sleep!
carole brungar said…
Lovely photos! I shifted house in Feb and now commute 100kms a day to work and back. It's winter here and I leave home in the dark and get home in the dark and I'm so tired all the time! It's hard at times! Keep well!

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