Catching Up

Pardon the blog break.  I've been busy job hunting (no news to report yet despite many interviews and positive feedback, unfortunately); putting together a combined journal/photo album for my trip to Great Britain this past summer; and trying to change over from iPhoto to Lightroom, as I outgrew the capacity of iPhoto.  In the process, we discovered that my main computer had been hacked.  It still isn't fixed and I've lost access for the time being to my main photo library.  Thankfully, it is backed up and once we figure out how to rid it of the "bot" that worked it's way in, I'll be able to recover all of it, but until then, I'm sticking with the old "clean" laptop, which has none of my newer photos on it.

Red Breasted Nuthatch
From my study, I have a lovely view of the Aspen trees over one of the birdfeeders and it is a prime spot to photograph some of the visiting birds from!  The Chickadees (in the top photo) are my favorites.  So dainty the way they grab a seed, take it up to the branch to sit and eat.  Their feathers are so soft and furry looking!  The Red Breasted Nuthatches are busy little birds, coming in, grabbing a seed fast as they can and usually flying off with it.  I was lucky to catch this fellow sitting on the branch with his seed!  With that black band across the eyes, they look like little bandits!

Birdfeeder - Watercolor Sketch
I've had a little time to do some watercolors and sketches.

Front walkway in the Early Morning - Watercolor Sketch
This is my front walk, early one morning just after the sun came up.  Now the snow is mostly gone.  How glad I am to see the days getting longer!  It won't be long and spring will be upon us, but for now, I suspect we'll have to be patient and wait for winter to have it's full run, even though Puxatawny Phil has predicted an early spring!


Gerry Krueger said…
The chickadees and nuthatches are my favorites also.. We have both black capped and mountain chickadees. The nuthatches peck at the shakes on the house and sound just like a woodpecker....

Good luck with the job search.. Something great will come your way...You deserve it!!!
Anonymous said…
I just can't figure out what pleasure these hackers get from hacking computers. It makes no sense. A wonderful job will come your way soon. For now it has to be nice to enjoy everything because once you go to work it will all be busy, busy. Love the sketches!!
Kathy said…
Unfortunately, Poor Punxatawny Phil is only accurate 39% of the time, which means we'll more than likely have a longish winter. I think he does it out of spite- I know I would, being dragged out of my nice warm bed ages before my alarm was set to go off!
I love your bird photos. We get the occasional cardinal or hawk, but mostly have pigeons, starlings and sparrows.
Laurie said…
What beautiful pictures Lisa, and your water colors are so pretty. It's good to see you again!
Susan Elliott said…
Your photos are beautiful! And congrats on the macro're going to love it when you start stitching again. Taking photos of stitching is like loving your work all over again...first time while stitching it, second time while photographing it.

I know that your job hunt is going to land you at the perfect spot. They are just waiting for you to knock on their door so don't get despaired.

Have fun in Boston and keep sketching! I LOVE your sketches and journaling. Love love to you, Susan
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vanilla said…
What a beautiful blog you have!!! Your pictures are gorgeous and they transmit such warmth and peacefulness!]Thanks for sharing your beautiful life! It's very inspiring!
Your water colors are lovely; you've got great talent.

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