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Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker
With the long stretch of cold weather we've had, there have been an assortment of birds at the feeders.  One of the most interesting that has shown up is this Flicker.  Normally, we get the Red Shafted variety, but this is a Yellow Shafted one as you can see by the bright yellow on the underside of the tail.  When he/she flies, the yellow is visible on the underside of the wings as well.  That spotted breast is just fabulous!  

House Sparrow
The little birdhouse on the porch was there when we moved in.  I left it up as I keep seeing birds going in and out of it.  Love the aqua roof on it!  Even better with a house sparrow visiting!  

Squirrel in the Bird Feeder
This furry fellow spends more time in the bird feeder than the birds!  We now have 6 squirrels, all quite healthy and fat, visiting many times a day.  They all come at the same time from several directions.  It makes me wonder how they communicate that it's time to go eat!  Should we walk out the door, there is a mad flurry of activity as they scale the tree in leaps and bounds, up onto the roof or make a mad dash down the driveway and across the street!  Though a couple of them are getting bolder and now watch from the heights of the tree to see if we are adding more feed to the feeders! 


Laurie said…
I love the flicker! It's beautiful Lisa. The picture of the squirrel is adorable! I hope you're enjoying your week-end.
Egléa Senna said…
Que lindos!
Também temos pássaros no nosso quintal! São presentes que Deus nos deixa para que jamais duvidemos de Sua existência, não é?
zooperson said…
Your new look is so lovely. I am going to take a page from your book on 2013 things to do, and get rid of the excess which is all over. Loved reading about your trip. thanks for sharing. Sonja
Gerry Krueger said…
We've never had a yellow shafted flicker... It was a redshafted that did all the damage to the pump house last summer.. We do get downy and hairy woodpeckers though. The feeder is like an extension of our home. Occasional squirrel, chipmunk, rabbits, and deer share feed and even a corgi or two when they don't get caught...
Those are great photos, Marydon. I've not put out the bird feeders this year; bird seed doubled in price and I don't want to put out seed then not put out seed...
I'm just putting out the leftover sunflower seeds from last year.
Anonymous said…
Your flicker photo is great. I have a big suet block that hangs just outside my sewing room window and confess, I probably spend as much time watching the flicker and downy woodpeckers as I do sewing. I have tried to photograph them, but have not taken anything as clear as yours. Isn't the color pattern on their breasts amazing? I marvel at the detail God put into their foliage every time I see them. I enjoy your blog immensely and love all that you have done in your new home. thanks for sharing. Jane in MO
gaylenona said…
Are you sure you didn't put a lacy vest on that flicker? Looks really elegant!

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