Hearts Garland

Heart Garland
After a couple of busy weeks filled with work related stuff, things finally slowed down enough to have a little time to stitch this afternoon.  It was good to finish this little linen and lace heart garland!

Embroidered linen Heart
This heart was simply embroidered with lots of lazy daisies and french knots.  It became the centerpiece of the little garland.

Hearts & Buttons Garland
In between the hearts, I strung little mother of pearl buttons on strong cotton thread.

Hearts Garland
I love the way it looks hanging across the front of the little old white shelf!

Little Old Shelf for Valentine's
Here is the shelf, decorated for Valentine's day.  At first I added several more items, but it looked cluttered and uninspiring, so I pared it down to this simpler look.


Leslie's Garden said…
I came here from Winds From the East, and stayed for a long while. I was touched by your post of your Dad, I know you miss him. I lost my Mother to Alzheimers in 2007 and it just seems wrong when we all gather and she's not there. I miss her everyday. On a more joyful note, I love all your creative endeavors. The heart wreath with the button strips is just so adorable. And I really was delighted with your armchair pouch. How cool is that?!! I'll be back when I can stay longer!
I opened your blog tonight to this beautiful garland. OH MY. It touched my heart.
welltraveled said…
The garland is lovely....
Dawn said…
LOVE it, Lisa!!!!!

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