Two Days in Phoenix

Glendale AZ Civic Center
The IBCLC exam was held at the Glendale Civic Center in Phoenix. It's always strange to me, to drive the 150 miles from Flagstaff to Phoenix and watch the terrain change from relatively cool, pine covered mountains to the hot desert and palm trees! The exam went well, but I have to wait until the end of October for the results!

Applique Cloth
I took advantage of a little extra time the day before and the afternoon after the exam to visit some of the antique shops in the area. I found some lovely little treasures, including this lovely appliqued cloth and two matching napkins, which was a real bargain at just $2! It will go perfectly on the little round table in my living room.

Pearl Top Salt and Pepper
I really love the old heavy crystal salt and pepper shakers with silver and pearl tops, but rarely see them in my price range. How wonderful to find this lovely old set right at a perfect price!

Wheat Pattern Crocheted Cloth
Another lovely tablecloth find was this gorgeous crocheted cloth in perfect condition that is a perfect fit for my table! The wheat pattern is one of my favorites! It just needs properly blocked!

Ladybug Orchestra
The sweet little find that makes me smile the most though, is this tiny ladybug orchestra!


Jenni said…
Congratulations on completing the exam - you deserve a break! Love your little finds and I really, really love the Abraham Cowley quote you have on your page. What a wish - he said it so much more eloquently than I but our wish is the same nonetheless.
Anonymous said…
I know the end of October will bring good news and it's good to have you back:) I especially like the salt and pepper shakers. I've never seen them with pearl tops. Take care, Mary
Anonymous said…
I can't imagine waiting until Oct. to get results! But the time does fly by so quickly...Love the ladybug band. I am Aladybug,....Suzie in Idaho

So glad you had fun finding treasures!!
Anonymous said…
The antique linens are absolutely beautiful. What amazing finds!
FredaB said…
I bet you are glad that it is over - all but the waiting part. I am sure you will do well.

You made some neat finds at your antiquing. I liked everything but especially the salt & pepper set.


Phyllis said…
OMG - I bought the same miniature orchestra for my oldest daughter when she was little. She's 36 now!
carole brungar said…
Love the appliqued cloth, simply beautiful!

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