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I saw the first butterflies of the season today. Such symbols of hope and rebirth!

So too are the blooming bulbs. From a seemingly dried out root comes a stalk of delicate bloom that fills the room with beautiful fragrance. Out on the bank, the first shoots from the tiny daffodil bulbs I planted 4 years ago are springing up from the earth as the snow melts.

How I pray that the earthquake ravaged regions of the world, Japan, New Zealand, China and Haiti will also have beautiful rebirths, that out of devastation will come miraculous and beautiful change.

How I pray that the nations of the earth will sit up and take notice. That no matter how arrogant mankind is about their perceived ability to rule and control, there are greater powers at work. That they would acknowledge that there is a great and awesome God, who asks only that we should know and love him and in return love all of his creation, from the rest of humanity, to the lowliest creature and that we should care for his creation and nurture it.

White Hyacinth
As you may have noticed, I haven't done much stitching lately. My time has been spent at work, attending various classes and conferences that are work related, such as NRP (neonatal resuscitation), fetal monitoring and breastfeeding. I am working towards becoming an IBCLC (international Board Certified Lactation Consultant) as well as becoming certified in Maternal Infant nursing.

In addition, I have been preparing these past few months for bariatric surgery. I have struggled with excess weight for many years and recently my weight began impacting other areas of my health. So after years of trying numerous methods of weight loss, eating very carefully, and trying to get more exercise, all with little and only temporary progress, I decided to go the route of surgery. I have been working for the past 6 months with a team of Doctors, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists and Psychiatrists to prepare for this massive lifestyle change. Now my surgery is scheduled a little over a week away ~ with the start of spring! I am excited, a bit anxious, but looking forward to becoming healthier, more active, more able to spend time doing the outdoors things that I love (and already thinking about all the hikes I want to do!) and yes, looking forward to fitting into smaller clothes!

So, lots of changes in my life this year. Lots of renewal. Remaking. A rebirth of my own.


Hello Lisa, Your blooming Spring bulbs are beautiful. Best wishes for you upcoming surgery. Hugs Judy
Gerry Krueger said…
I wish you luck with your procedure and will be thinking of you... As one who also struggles with weight I can fully appreciate the frustration... Relax, get well and dream of lace and silk ribbons... Hugs Gerry
Linda Jo said…
So good to see a blog update from you. You are in my prayers. Bless you in this life changing event...I know you will do well. Yes, God is good.... we were given the earth to govern and have dominion ever ... I pray we care for it well. Praying for all the devastated areas and suffering people. God help them.
Susanne said…
Good luck for your surgery, all the best!
Julie said…
It is wonderful to see signs of Spring after such a long winter. My very best wishes for your surgery Lisa. I have a friend who had this surgery last year and she is doing really well.
Gillie said…
I so agree, such sadness in the world right now. Very best wishes for the surgery, look forward to your return soon.
Anonymous said…
Bravo to you and all your classes. But most of all I will be praying for a successful and speedy recovery from you surgery!! I have missed you for sure. I check every day and was getting worried so now I am relieved and grateful you took the time to update us. I woke up to more snow Friday morning and was a little miffed but then I turned on the news and saw Japan and was sickened for everyone and thanked God for the snow. Take care, move slowly, Mary
Adrienne said…
Oh, my friend -
I will pray you through the surgery and beyond! I understand the challenges ahead. I didn't have the surgery but made massive changes - with tons of medical and family support - and have had a big weight loss. More to go but I am feeling SO good again and health issues have all reverse. It's worth it, dear one. You won't regret your decision. I'll be here for you. Praying and supporting all the way.
Vintage Sandy said…
Lisa...what a beautiful post we need to do our best to take care of the world our Heavenly Father has blessed us with to nurture & care for and my prayers to you for a successful surgery and recovery...
Kate said…
Lovely post.
Best wishes for your surgery.
FredaB said…
Dear Lisa

I will be thinking of you in the coming weeks after having this procedure. It must be a hard decision to make.

I was with 2 gals from MN last July in St. Louis and they both had the surgery and showed me before and after pics and I was amazed. They had been over 3 years since surgery and were doing wonderful. They each had a support group they said they depended on.

Take care dear friend.


JustGail said…
I just wanted to say "thanks" for the photos you've posted in the past. Such lovely bits of prettiness! And good luck with the surgery, and I hope you are well and posting again soon.
Jenna said…
I'm a new follower, I came across your blog and just loved it...I love your stitching of the bird with ribbon flowers, it's so beautiful and you do such wonderful work...I look forward to visiting again, Jennifer

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