Silk Pincushions

Silk Pincushions, originally uploaded by ivoryblushroses.

After a few weeks with almost no time to stitch, I've enjoyed a couple of days where that is almost all I've done! In addition to finishing up a round robin block, I was able to finish these two pincushions from my "unfinished items" list.

Rosy Silk Pincushion

Shades of rose and pink silk are the foundation of this pincushion. I made a similar one a couple of years ago, which you can see here. These millinery flowers have been in my sewing basket for ages. It's so nice to use them for something special!

Signed and dated
On the base I played with a new "signature". My daughter has joked with me that I should pronounce our last name "Bunny" since I like them so much. When I was a school girl, I used to draw bunnies like these on the margins of my school papers!

Violet Pincushion
For the green and cream pincushion, I started out with two varieties of variegated purple and green threads, one dark, one light. The delicate lace seemed to need little embellishment, so I simply attached it with a feather stitch. As I shaped the pincushion, I realized it needed something else, so I went looking through my box of trim bits and found the ribbon violet that I'd made years ago but never used. Some ombre green ribbon made lovely prairie point leaves. What a perfect embellishment!

Violet PC
I just love when a project comes together so perfectly like this!

VP signed and dated
For the back, I tried out the new signature again! Though I think I need a template to keep the lettering in line, I'm pretty happy with the whimsy of it!

Bible Bag
Another bit of stitching I've finished recently is a little stitched bag to hold the small bible that I carry in my purse.

Bible Bag Stitching
Above the patchwork I stitched the words, "Hope Peace Love" in split backstitch.

Inside of Bible Bag
The inside of the bag is lined with a watery colored cotton. It's just a simple little bag, but it should help protect the pages from getting damaged by the other things I carry in my bag.


Dawn said…
I think I need to make one of those bags. I have a small ESV that I keep in the car.

The pinkeeps are another thing I would like to try.
Lovely work, Lisa!
Susan Elliott said…
*sigh such loveliness here today. The pincushions are so sweet i think I could eat them.

And guess what? I drew that same bunny when I was in school...that, and a house with chimney (with smoke), a sidewalk, four windows and one door with a tree in the front yard and one big puffy cloud with some birds...

Thanks for the beauty, Lisa. Now i can sleep peacefully.
Cathy said…
You are the queen of beautiful, restful, delicate stitching. Each piece is more gorgeous than the next, and I never tire of looking at your work. Can’t wait to meet you next week! Hugs, Cathy
Wendy said…
As always, these are beautiful. I HAVE to try to make one of these pincushions! It wouldn't turn out like yours though. And I love the bunny! Bunnies are the best...
Rachel said…
That's a delightful little bunny - makes a great signature!
All those things, lovingly hand made, are so, so sweet. And useful which make them double good. -smile.
Leeanne said…
wow I just love your pincushions, very sweet.Neat signature!
Tatkis said…
Such a lovely pincushions and a bag! Combination with laces makes them unique!

Best wishes,
Tory said…
Beautiful work...I'm gonna make a bag for my small Bible's always in danger in my tote!
The pin keeps are such a lovely idea too...making some for my stitching and quilting friends (and me)!
Rose Anne B said…
Lisa I just LOVE your new silk pincushions, especially the green one!!! And you new siggie is great too! Well done!
Autres Choses said…
Hello, I often look at your blog with pleasure and great joy, I do not dress in English, I use a tracducteur, but just a note to say that I love much to walk in your pretty little world ...
thank you for sharing your great work.
I send you my best and my feelings of Provence in France.
Anonymous said…
I love what Lisou said. I too often enjoy a visit to your beautiful world. Love the little bag. Must try to do one of those; a great idea for safe~guarding a little Bible. Suzie In Idaho
Leone said…
Your work is so beautiful. I so enjoy visiting your blog to see your lovely new creations. Thank you for sharing.
Devon said…
Wow everything is beautiful,,
allie aller said…
There you go again, wowing me with your serene and beautiful stitching. There is no one like you, Lisa!
Farah said…
Creative approach... very creative work love the bag very much I want to link up your cd pincushion post on my blog, if you permit me ..

I would love if you pay a visit to my blog
I am sure you will enjoy it.Love
Anonymous said…
oooh...i think it was hard work..but the result are impressive!

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